Welcome to appLOUD’s News & Views where we’ll keep you up to date on hot new artists and awesome shows found by our community of live music fans from around the world.  Missed the One Republic show in Berlin?  @Nechmads posted a clip which makes us hit up their show the next time they come to the US…

Do you want to be moved by a subway musicians’s unplugged cover of Kings of Leon’s “Someone Like You”?  We literally missed three subways to our next stop just so we can continue to be mesmerized by Gary.


We also had no idea Portland has a thriving hot music scene until community radio station KBOO started posting music on appLOUD to represent their community.  This short clip of the Rising Buffalo Tribe makes us want to travel to Portland to check them out.

If you like hip hop, our fave up and comer is Tish @listen2Tish.  She is what would have spawned if you spliced DNA from Lauryn Hill, Eminem, and Biggie Smalls.  Amazing voice with raw, heartfelt lyrics that takes you through her life and makes you feel what it’s like growing up in the Bronx.

So please download the app and #ListenShareLove
Keep turning us on with music you love.
Hugs, High5s, and FistBumps.